The Highlight of 3D Laser Cutting

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Three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine consists of a dedicated fiber laser cutting head, high-precision capacitive tracking system, fiber laser and industrial robot system, the different thickness of the metal plate multi-angle, multi-directional flexible cutting advanced cutting equipment. High flexibility, especially for small quantities of three-dimensional sheet metal cutting; to ensure cutting quality, making cutting more convenient and easier to operate; configuration intelligent robot, enabling three-dimensional cutting, easy operation, high intelligence, to ensure the equipment High speed, high precision, high reliability.

Material Scope: Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel, nickel-titanium alloy, Inconel, aluminum, aluminum, titanium, copper and other metal materials. Industry Applications: Three-dimensional high power laser cutting machine is widely used in aerospace, automotive steamship, machinery manufacturing, metal processing services and other manufacturing industries. The automobile industry is widely used. Sheet metal covers for automobile parts include the cover, the rear lid box, the water tank shelf, the bumper, the fender, the door and the ingot beam of the chassis part, the control arm, the rear axle and the like.

Laser processing as an advanced material cutting method, has been increasingly accepted by sheet metal producers. With the continuous improvement of computer control technology and optical technology, people are expecting more and more for their processing ability. This expectation is not only an expectation of being able to cut, but also of cutting well and cutting fast. Of course, can give the answer can not do without the performance of the processing machine, while being processed material merits also have a direct impact on results.

With laser processing as the main cutting tool is accepted, 25mm below the ordinary steel laser professional materials as a standard material. Cutting section improvement program An important factor for the improvement of the cutting section of carbon steel is the control of the heat input to the sheet and sufficient combustion of the laser irradiated portion. Glossy cutting technology is the result of improved vibrators and nozzles. Program to ensure the stability of processing currently in order to improve the operating speed of the machine, the laser machine commonly used flight structure commonly known as the light, that is, the material tray does not move the processing head in the entire machining area in the form of movement. In order to compensate for the change of the relative position of the processing head and the light source, various manufacturers also try to ensure the consistency of the light spot within the processing range as much as possible. The use of the variable curvature refracting mirror is a universal choice.

The mechanical structure incorporates an imported manipulator, a six-axis linkage and a green laser pointer beam guide fully integrated in the robot arm, combining the advantages of a stable laser with a moving robot arm. Which can realize the processing of arbitrary curve and specific curve in three-dimensional space, convenient operation and control, high degree of intelligence, greatly reduced cycle time, and guaranteed high running speed, high precision and high reliability of the device.

Three-dimensional laser cutting with professional motion control software to ensure cutting quality, to ensure stable operation of the device to make cutting easier and easier to operate; precision high-quality laser cutting head and servo system responsive, cutting precision, and manipulator effectively cooperate to avoid the cutting head Collision with the processing of plates, and to ensure that the focus of cutting position, to ensure the quality of cutting stability.

Industrial robots + fiber burning laser + man-machine console combination of processing, the processing technology completed at one time, incision neat without the need for reprocessing process, greatly reducing the process, reducing labor costs and mold costs of inputs, but also improve the product Grade and value added. Industrial robots greatly reduce the cost of the system cost, reduce power system costs and system operation and maintenance costs, reducing the system's footprint.

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RE: The Highlight of 3D Laser Cutting

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