Expensive Excimer Lasers

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According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the American population spent more than $ 13 billion on cosmetic care, such as slimming, acne prevention, and skin surface reconstruction. It is expected that during the forecast period, the demand for these applications will further promote the development of the global medical laser system market.

The main products of the red laser medical system market include diodes, solid, gas and dye lasers. As the application of cosmetic treatment and photodynamic therapy in different applications, in 2014 accounted for the largest market share of diode lasers, in the next few years is expected to also occupy the dominant market position. Due to the high utilization rate in the field of dermatology, the solid-state laser market is expected to grow at an average compound annual growth rate of more than 12.0% over the next five years. The market is further divided into carbon dioxide, argon, krypton, metal vapor, helium neon and excimer lasers, widely used in periodontal disease, tattoo removal, skin treatment and varicose veins treatment and other fields.

Laser processing market space is broad, the proportion of emerging applications accounted for significantly improved laser cutting equipment sales in 2015 about 6.6 billion, sales growth mainly from OLED panel cutting, 3D glass cutting and sapphire cutting and other fields; blue laser welding equipment sales The amount of about 2.27 billion yuan, metal frame welding, power battery welding and automotive lightweight areas such as pulling the equipment demand is a strong increase; laser marking and other laser equipment sales of about 11.9 billion yuan, the current downstream main the driving force is 3C equipment marking, OLED panel production annealing and 3D printing and other fields to stimulate the emerging application of laser equipment needs.

The UV laser works quickly in the production of the circuit, and the surface pattern can be etched on the circuit board in minutes. This makes UV lasers the fastest way to produce PCB samples. The R & D department notes that more and more sample laboratories are equipped with an internal UV laser system. Depending on the optical instrument, the size of the UV laser beam can be 10-20 μm, producing a flexible circuit trace. Although the use of laser beam production circuit is the fastest method of PCB samples, but the large-scale surface etching applications are best left to the chemical process.

In addition to the short wavelength, the workpiece temperature is low, the presence of high-energy ultraviolet light to ultraviolet laser can be applied to large PCB circuit board combination, from FR4 and other standard materials to high-frequency ceramic composite materials and polyimide, including flexible PCB Materials and other materials are applicable.UV burning laser are used in resins and copper to exhibit extremely high absorption rates and have an appropriate absorptivity when processing glass. Only expensive excimer lasers (wavelengths 248nm) will achieve better overall absorption rates when processing these major materials.

Low power direct semiconductor lasers are mainly used in plastic welding and soldering. In the plastic welding, laser welding with weld size precision, non-contact welding, mechanical stress, low thermal stress, welding appearance integrity, no welding slag and other advantages. In the solder, the green laser light welding with no welding head, non-contact, welding time is short and so on.

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RE: Expensive Excimer Lasers

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