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Laser TV works The core is the light source, the laser emits wavelength and color of the light, through the burning laser in front of the special crystal or light guide to generate red, green and blue color, and then converted into the desired color. In the red, green and blue data through the internal modem, and finally converted into optical information. After a series of internal modulation, and finally projected onto the screen. Laser display technology as the industry's most development potential of the equipment, since the birth of the projector has been widely used in various industries. Because of its rich and saturated color, high brightness, long life, low cost and high environmental protection and other characteristics, as a projection and display the technological revolution of the fuse.

In view of the current situation, these three kinds of laser display technology may exist for some time, but the development trend seems. Three-color laser display screen is extremely delicate, than the ordinary screen projection effect is more clear. Now there are three laser display technology, three-color laser, phosphor + blue, LED + laser, compared to the advantages of three-color laser is more obvious. Three-color most powerful laser pointer is a high-end laser projector label, the use of the technology projection equipment can easily reach more than 20,000 lumens brightness. The phosphor corresponds to the low-end projector, the highest brightness just broke 10000 lumens.

Laser solid-state light-based laser TV in the performance and function of continuous improvement, but also more and more brands began to join the ranks of laser TV, continue to seize 80-inch and above large screen TV market, in addition to the traditional family Cinema projection system also began to join the elements of the brightest laser pointer light source. It can be seen, 2017 living room large screen TV product matrix keyword is undoubtedly the "laser", one of the most representative of the current hot laser TV and laser home projector. Below, Xiao Bian from three angles to analyze the laser TV and laser home projector different.

Although technically, laser TV and laser home projector has a lot of the same place, but in essence, the former belongs to the home audio and video entertainment center, while the latter is only part of the entire video system is an integral part. This is because the laser TV in addition to the projection display function, but also into many of the functions in one, without the need for other equipment with other circumstances can also allow users to build a small world of audio and video entertainment, and 3000mw laser pointer home projector Need to match the projection screen, AV amplifier, home theater speaker system and a variety of signal source equipment can really constitute a complete large-screen multi-channel audio and video entertainment overall solution.

Laser projector in the home environment, one of the difficulties is that the need for a certain distance to complete the installation, and can not be like a large flat-panel TV just put on the TV cabinet or directly to the wall-mounted installation, and from the lens to The distance between the screen is longer, it is easy to be affected by the impact of ambient light to dilute the color and details of the screen, so want to use the living environment in the living room projector is not a simple matter, it is necessary to consider the installation Distance and projection screen size of the relationship, but also pay attention to the environment shading treatment, to minimize the impact of external light on the screen.

While the laser TV is taken by the ultra-short focus lens projection of the way around the 100-inch large screen, just the host can be placed in the TV cabinet can be used, with anti-screen after the ordinary living room under the light environment can show a first-class The color and the details of the performance. To Hisense 4K laser TV LT100K7900UA, for example, it can be less than 50cm in the ultra-short distance in the projection of 100-inch large screen, while with 100-inch Fresnel passive bionic screen, in addition to not like flat-panel TV will be issued Electromagnetic radiation, but also can effectively avoid the external light for the screen interference, to ensure the true reproduction of the details of the screen.

In addition to the light source part of the 5000mw green laser light source is used, for the entire display system another key to show the chip, the laser TV and laser projector or there is a certain difference. Laser TV is basically using the T.I Texas Instruments single-chip DLP solution, the screen has the advantage of the screen highlights the contrast is more prominent, the overall picture sharpness and clarity is very prominent.




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