Analysis on the Trend of Laser Cutting Industry Layout

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Laser processing (including laser cutting, welding and surface treatment) is a kind of advanced production technology. China laser processing industry is marching forward, this term has become a high-tech laser real social productivity, "the development of high-tech, realize industrialization" has become a reality China laser processing industry.

As a new type of light source, laser has the advantages of good directivity, high brightness, good monochromatic and high energy density. Laser based laser industry is developing rapidly in the world. It has been widely used in industrial production, communication, information processing, medical and health, military, culture and education, scientific research and so on. According to statistics, the market value of up to $1 trillion per year, and most powerful laser pointer related products and services, from high-end fiber to common bar code scanners. The laser industry has formed a complete and mature industry chain distribution, upstream mainly includes laser materials and matching components, mainly for middle and supporting all kinds of laser equipment, laser application in the downstream products, consumer products, instruments and equipment. The domestic laser market mainly includes laser processing equipment, optical communication devices and equipment, laser equipment, laser, laser medical equipment, laser components, application lies in industrial processing and optical communication market, both of which occupy nearly 7 of the market share.

System integration of the integration of the development of Wuhan laser processing industry core. System integrator is a region, a leader in the development of the industry, only the strength of system integrators, and the whole industry can be driven up. System integration business integration is the purpose of each enterprise has its own characteristics and advantages, there is a certain degree of competition. According to the characteristics of the current system integrators, may wish to set up solid burning laser equipment, laser cutting complete sets of equipment, laser medical equipment, large laser processing equipment and laser processing station and other forms of system integrators, the existing business owners to become these companies Investors in the integration of existing system integrators, the government should play a good intermediary and service role, to create opportunities for mature enterprises to market, financing, and further optimize the structure of property rights, lay the foundation for further development The

Improve the supply chain was born and grow a number of core technology with the parts suppliers. The basis of an industry is supported by many parts suppliers. For the Wuhan area, such parts supplier groups should include optical devices (such as optical lenses, focusing lenses, mirrors and transmission fiber, etc.), precision machining, laser power and precision electrical and electronic. At the same time these parts supplier groups should have the core technology in this field, which is to promote the entire 300mw green laser processing industry is of great significance. Supporting enterprises is the basis of an industry, especially to master the core technology and have independent intellectual property rights supporting enterprises, the promotion of industrial development is of great significance.

High-starting point to introduce digestion, to encourage the development of a number of supporting enterprises first or to encourage the supporting enterprises and scientific research institutions, which is more efficient way; Second, companies should focus on the trend of technological development, innovation; Through the arrangements of science and technology projects, tax policy and other means to encourage the development of supporting enterprises. Increasing market strength requires system integrators to invest more in 200mw green laser technology and the establishment of market networks, including at a given time to open up overseas markets. Through the promotion of application, technical radiation and personnel training, in the country to establish laser processing demonstration application sub-centers, processing stations, joint ventures, to promote the development of China's laser processing industry.

Capital investment: the diversification of equity investment, the introduction of listed companies, state-owned investment companies, private capital; foreign investment: in Wuhan, China Optical Valley energy optoelectronics field of foreign investment is very small. The introduction of foreign capital can start from the supporting industry, after all, foreign investment in most of the areas related to energy optoelectronics and technical advantages, and investment areas are not as large as the investment system integration; foreign enterprises: the proposed national and local governments to establish regional, The use of advanced 30mw laser pointer manufacturing technology, development and design and manufacture of a leading international level of high efficiency laser processing production line. The introduction of foreign advanced technology and capital, the establishment of a number of production of lasers and complete sets of equipment joint ventures to improve the level of China's laser products.

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