Present Situation and Development Trend of Fiber Laser Technology in China

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In the past two years, fiber laser technology has gradually replaced more traditional laser processing methods in market application. Its performance in industrial laser applications is particularly strong, and it is expected to reach 1.9 billion US dollars in 2020. China's domestic fiber laser pointer industry, the status quo and the future trend of what is it?

November 28, 2016, focusing on fiber laser technology research and development of Shanghai Feibo Laser Technology Co., Ltd. held a celebration of the move, officially settled in Zhaoxing Road 655, Jiading High-tech Park Intelligent Manufacturing Entrepreneurship Center. The company's plant area from the previous expansion of more than 800 square meters to more than 3,400 square meters. Flying Bo laser founder and general manager Li Xiaojun media interview process, talk to the fiber laser technology and its development trend.

"I think in recent years, the overall industrial distribution of fiber lasers in China has been made great progress. Especially in the materials and components, many manufacturers gradually mature, began to have the core technology and technology. I believe that in the next 2-3 years, it is expected to achieve localization goals. The fiber 5mw laser pointer with many technology and its performance advantages, such as excellent electro-optical conversion efficiency, beam quality, integration, low maintenance requirements, its future application will be more and more widely."

At the same time, he cited some data: "at present, the whole laser market annual compound growth rate (CAGR) is 7%, while the fiber laser CAGR is more than 25%. It can be predicted that this type of laser will represent the development direction and trend of the global laser technology. In addition, from the price level, more than and 10 years ago, the price of a fiber laser up to 1 million yuan, and now has dropped to 20-30 million. But it must be pointed out here that the cost is not meant to reduce the price war, it does not mean that the quality of the product will fall. In fact, this is also a very important step in the industrialization and scale of the future, I believe that China's low, medium and high output of the green laser pointer enterprise will have a good development space."

So, what is the new layout of the flying Bo in this field of technology? "Our company continuously improve the power of the fiber laser, fly Bo focused on doing laser generator. The first problem to be solved is the system design. The design of the whole machine has a very high technical content, which is the key problem to be tackled as a laser manufacturer. What are the important factors to determine the performance of the whole machine? One is the system design, the other is a key device - this is the final decision of the core point of product performance. At present, the fly from the machine design to the key devices have been fully realized independent research and production, the future is toward a more large-scale production targets continue to advance."

In addition, Li Xiaojun said that the focus of future development direction of advanced laser manufacturing technology is a high power, high beam quality, high intelligence, and fiber laser market share will be in the field of high power material processing as the main source of growth. "At present, the industrial applications of the fiber laser, cutting or occupy the highest proportion. But we will also pay more attention to welding, especially for the welding of new materials, such as composite welding, such as aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and other materials used by new energy vehicles. In addition to increase the production of material is currently a hot spot, including high power laser pointer cladding, laser 3D printing technology, including the need to continue to focus on the market after the day. At the same time, we also pay great attention to the development of new product application market, for example, I think 2 m fiber laser in the field of precision machining and medical and other areas will have a greater development potential. The automotive industry is also a core strategic market, we are working with more and more auto parts and vehicle manufacturers in the field of welding applications to work together to develop a variety of cooperative projects."




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