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In brain surgery, the physician's eye movement back and forth between the display and the patient can affect their concentration. Scientists at several universities and hospitals in the UK have collaborated to develop a burning laser pointer detector that converts brain-cell spectral signals into audio, allowing doctors to distinguish between cancer cells and health by "listening," according to the New Scientist's website. cell. New technologies can help doctors complete faster and safer brain surgery.

A new laser detector in the last research based on the improved form. Before the detector can also help doctors identify brain cancer cells in the region, but only through the display of visual presentation. The new detector can be converted into an audio signal of the signal, so the doctor can "hear" cancer cells in the brain, which will focus on surgical site eyes. Participated in the study at Clyde University, Matthew Beck said that the new technology can accurately guide the signal, let the doctor "all eyes focused on the operation".

The working principle of 20000mw laser pointer detector based on Raman spectroscopy, to the brain cells from laser, and the reflected spectrum analysis, form a cell like fingerprint spectrum. The shape of the spectrum map can tell whether the cell is cancerous or not. The research team of the installation of a new software for audio signal detector, an important feature of the software can capture spectrum signals, and these signals into sound.

Preliminary test results show that, using only the ear, doctors rely on the laser detector to identify the healthy cells and malignant cells of the accurate rate of up to 70%. Beck said that although the accuracy rate than the 90% to see the spectral signal to be low, but they have the confidence to continue to improve through improvement.

For cancer patients, cancer cells are not cleaned will relapse and metastasis and resection of left hidden trouble, healthy cells, nerve function and damage, causing serious side effects. Next, they will seek an early clinical trial of the 500mw laser pointer detector to help doctors try to remove cancerous brain cells clean, and will not remove healthy cells.




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