Self-Driving Cars Becoming Popular

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Although the concept of the autopilot so hot, but most people probably have not seen alive on the road Mercedes-Benz self-driving cars. However, if one day you have the privilege of speaking to see, first attracted you are not sure that it has no one on the driver's seat, but its roof "swishing" rotating sensors - LIDAR. This "guy" can be regarded as the autopilot "eyes" on the car, it can help the vehicle to ascertain the surrounding environment, but it is also a popular way of automatically driving the vehicle stumbling block, because lidar price really is not cheap.

"Laser radar is the key sensor automatic driving of the vehicle, the vehicle because it can meet the demand for precision positioning and under various conditions," nuTonomy company CEO Iger Nyima explained that the company is in Singapore to test self-driving cars. However, Iger noted Nyima, now lidar size, complexity and costs are hindering the pace of its market. Right now, most of the autonomous vehicles are equipped with the company produced the Velodyne HDL-64E LiDAR, the product can be completed per field of view in 2.2 million data points scanning, while the completion of 120 meters of object orientation, accuracy up to centimeter level. Tough is tough, but this is a weight sensor has reached 13 kg, the unit price is a whopping $ 80,000.

Although at the moment the system is expensive and complex, but the next few years, its price and reliability will be towards the direction we want to promote the popularization of technology autopilot. Can be seen from the name, lidar and radar is next of kin, they belong to the same sensor technology, using 300mw laser pulses to detect surrounding objects, but the laser radar detection range of the radar is not wide, but due to the shorter wavelength laser radar resolution also higher. It is this reliable and high-quality data collection has become the laser radar autopilot system of choice for most, even many experts believe should become automatic laser radar driving the vehicle standard.

At CES earlier this year, Quanergy Systems company from Sunnyvale on the display of a specially designed for autonomous vehicle developed solid-state laser radar prototype. The laser radar using optical phased array to spread the laser pulse, so that the whole system would not have been in a state of rotation. Quanergy expected that this lidar can be reduced to the lowest price of $ 250, it can be put into use in early 2017. At the same time, there are also two new low-cost start-up companies to forge ahead on the path of the laser radar, their new system is expected to be as low as $ 100, and 2018 can be formally launched. In addition, Israel Innoviz (high-resolution, wide field of view) and the Netherlands Innoluce (alternative solid state radar reflector with micro-electromechanical systems) also have their own killer.

This year, Velodyne has introduced a new laser radar VLP-32A, the detection distance can reach 200 meters around the vehicle, the weight is only 600 grams lighter. The most important thing is, if we can mass production, this lidar prices will fall to about $ 500. Although prices have fallen sharply, but the price sensitivity of the consumer market, or some expensive. Faced with this problem, we have brainstorming, academia and industry are thinking about how to reduce the volume of the 50mw green laser radar, to simplify the manufacturing steps and reduce the price.

In fact, say that recent bright spots of laser radar system, the number of MIT have solutions. The program is part of the electron-photon heterogeneous integration projects the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the MIT researchers used silicon photonics laser radar systems compressed into a chip the size of 0.5-6 mm. Although MIT prototype field only a few meters, but the future be extended to one hundred meters is not difficult, the most important is that the chip unit price of $ 10. The market for small, low-cost solid-state laser staggering demand for radar, just in August this year, Quanergy got the $ 90 million investment, its valuation has successfully reached $ 1.59 billion. In addition, Ford and Baidu are together for the Velodyne inject $ 150 million. Manufacturers have invested heavily in order to come up with is priced around $ 100 lidar solutions in the coming years.

In addition to the automotive industry Daikin main, the future of small, low-cost laser radar can benefit multiple industries. If they are integrated into the smart phone, you can get high-precision motion recognition capability to completely change the way we interact. In addition, the 30mw laser radar implanted finger robot, but also make them more flexible at work. In the UAV field, it can also improve the ability of the product and obstacle avoidance to help complete the safety package delivery UAV mission.

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