What is the Quality Control Method of Laser Welding Machine?

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As everyone knows is that the laser beam welding machine, easy to focus and alignment of optical instruments to guide, can be placed in the appropriate distance from the workpiece, and can guide in the equipment or the obstacles around the work piece, and other welding rules can not play due to the limited space. When we use the 10000mw laser welding machine, how to control the quality of it? The technical personnel of fiber laser welding machine manufacturers Lianying welding machine analysis of how to control the quality of the laser: at present, because cannot realize online non-destructive welding quality inspection, it is necessary to strengthen the management of quality assurance. So, how do we control the quality of laser welding products?

1. Workpiece Accuracy

Due to the neglect of the thickness of the workpiece, coating thickness, metal composition and other changes which lead to the occurrence of the phenomenon of welding defective products have occurred. Whether the quality of the workpiece is stable or not is an important factor to affect the welding quality.

2. Current Monitoring

Current monitoring is essential for welding. The fluctuation of the power supply voltage and the overload of the laser welding machine are used to reduce the current output, reduce the contact of the workpiece, and the poor performance of the welding machine.

3. Pressure Detection

The heat affected by the contact resistance between the electrode and the workpiece is greatly affected by the welding heat. In welding process, the pressure must be kept constant, so it is necessary to use the pressure tester for welding.

4. Electrode Grinding

The number of 1000mw laser welding machine is increased, and the surface of the electrode can be increased. Rough surface of the electrode can cause the splash and the appearance of rough marks on the surface of the workpiece, so it is necessary to prepare some of the electrodes.

5. Electrode Overheating

Electrode overheating will not only shorten the life of the electrode, but also lead to uneven welding quality of the workpiece.

How to control the quality of the laser welding machine? The technical staff to share with you here. In the course of the operation, if we can ensure the monitoring of the welding current, can easily find other influence factors of welding quality, can effectively improve the welding quality.

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