Laser Tweezers Firstly Has Measured the Force Between DNA Base Pairs

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DNA molecules maintain a stable double helix structure by relying on two forces: the hydrogen bond between the base and the base pair, the hydrogen bond is perpendicular to the helical axis, and the stacking forces acting along the helical axis. Until now, scientists have not known about the effects of hydrogen bonding and stacking forces on the stability of DNA double helix. It is a great technical challenge to directly measure the weak accumulation of base pairs. The school of experimental biology, molecular biological physicist Henrik Ditez physicist Matlhas Redford and the theory of biological physicist Martin Zacharas together, after 6 years of efforts, finally developed a special experimental device, can be used to measure single intermolecular weak force.
Germany 8, Technical University of Munich official website issued a press release, the use of special experimental device of the School researchers, for the first time successfully detected DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecules within two base pairs between the weak accumulation of force (also called Fan Dehua), the size of only 2 skins Newton (10-12 Newton). The results can help scientists better understand the basic biological processes, such as DNA repair, and the use laser 2000mw of DNA to build molecular motors and other devices.
Researchers used the device to measure the accumulation of two base pairs between the force of only 2 leather Newton, and can only last a few. The measurement results can help scientists better understand some of the important biological processes in terms of mechanical mechanics. For example, it is known that the accumulation force lasts only a few seconds. When studying the action of the enzyme in the DNA replication, it is necessary to separate the base pair from the additional force.

Mini bar stacked with the experimental device, both ends of the bar carrying a base pair. Two bar are connected together by a flexible polymer, the other end of the base pairs are paired with micro ball, when using the green laser pointer tweezers to remove micro ball, two rod base will interact with each other to the end. The device can not only measure the force between the two base pairs, but also can measure the continuous time length of the accumulation force function.

The new study will help scientists develop DNA nano machine, construction of molecular "factory" synthesis of stored energy of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and other important complexes. Ditez is using DNA to build a molecular rotary motor, can accurately control the direction of rotation and time.

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