Shanghai Ultrashort Laser into the International Advanced Level

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Shanghai Zhangjiang integrated national science center ultrashort laser experimental device developed recently made significant progress: the successful implementation of 5 Petawatt pulse output, reached the international advanced level yesterday afternoon, Mayor Yang Xiong special investigations ultrashort! major projects 30000mw laser pointer experimental device, to congratulate the research team and states: Shanghai construction Science and Technology innovation Center has global influence, we must catch up, speed up the construction of large scientific facilities a number of internationally advanced level. To devoting resources to optimize the layout, efforts to form a cluster of major infrastructure facilities and comprehensive scientific test base, continue to achieve expression of national core competitiveness of major scientific research.
Ultrashort laser is considered to be the brightest light source known to man, it is the latest frontier of development and international competition in key areas of laser technology, with major scientific significance and application value. For example, it can be used to develop desktop electronic accelerators and ultrafast X-ray source of protein atomic motion imaging probe reveals the secrets of life; can be used to develop green laser pointer proton knife for treatment of cancer; can also be used to produce anti-matter and dark matter detection study astrophysical origins of the universe and so on. Currently, more than 10 countries are stepping up efforts to develop Petawatt class large ultrashort laser device. As one of the first Kechuang center construction projects large scientific facilities, Shanghai ultrashort laser experimental device also targeting 10 Petawatt, has recently successfully achieved 5 Petawatt pulse output, to the leading current international similar studies Level.
Afternoon, Yang and his party came to Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics and Shanghai University of Science and Technology Laboratory of intense laser light source, to see experimental device, the research team heard briefings, progress and development of ultrashort laser experimental device on super technical difficulties, the main goal , prospects and other exchanges and research staff. Lab official told city leaders, will strive to achieve 2017 10 Petawatt pulse output, in 2018 built the first in the world to shoot 10-watt ultrashort 1000mw green laser user devices, and oriented research institutions and enterprises and opening up domestic and foreign universities, forming a multidisciplinary research platform.
In communication with the research team at discussion, Yang said, you get phased important results exciting, I hope you did not forget the beginning of the heart, to maintain concentration, persistence toward the established goal. We must have a world-class par ambition, scaled new heights and beyond, but also to perfect the technology and quality management services, and strive to make Shanghai ultrashort 500mw green laser experimental device put into use as soon as possible, various research institutes and service business users, more world-class scientific research.
"Shanghai Branch Building Center is a national strategy must reflect the country's core competitiveness." Yang Xiong stressed the need to follow the requirements of the State Council and the municipal government of the deployment, firmly aimed at the world-class, overall integration of all forces, seize prospective study, early planning in the Zhangjiang Science Center existing comprehensive national basis, to continue to accelerate the construction of more major scientific and technological infrastructure, efforts to form a cluster effect and integrated research and development capabilities, to build Shanghai into an innovation center of global influence lay a solid foundation.

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