Laser Marking Machine Marking Process Classification

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Laser Marking Machine Marking Process Classification

According to different materials, different wavelengths of laser light absorption different characteristics, the general laser marking machine is divided into two categories, one is the use of a YAG laser, suitable for processing metal and most non-metallic materials such as iron, copper , aluminum, gold, silver and other metals and various alloys, and ABS material, ink coating, epoxy resin and so on. Another use CO2 laser 5000mw, only the processing of non-metallic materials, such as wood, paper, acrylic, glass and the like. Some materials applies to both types of laser marking machine, but the process will be different effects identified.
YAG laser marking machine includes a lamp-pumped, semiconductor and fiber three categories, CO2 marking machine includes a radio frequency tube and the glass tube into two categories, the five products constitute a laser marking machine standard model. The actual needs of different users, with different shape structure, fixture tooling, tailor-made software systems, constitute a complete laser marking solutions.With respect to the pneumatic marking, electrical corrosion, marking the traditional way of screen printing, inkjet printer, engraving machine, laser 3000mw marking has the following advantages:
1. The laser processing optical contact with the non-mechanical contact, no mechanical stress, it is particularly suitable for high hardness (such as carbide), high brittleness (such as solar wafers), high melting point and high precision (such as precision bearings) special requirements high and other occasions.

2. The energy density of the laser processing of large, time is short, small heat-affected zone, heat deformation small, heat stress and will not affect the internal electrical performance. Especially 532μm, 355μm, 266μm laser cold, special materials for precision machining.

3. direct laser ignition etched a permanent mark, can not be erased, the deformation will not fail to fall off, for Anti-forgery, and product traceability requirements.

4. The 1000mw green laser processing system itself is a computer system, you can easily arrange, modify, there are skip, random code and other functions, to achieve unique product coding requirements, suitable for personalized processing, small batch processing of multiple batches more We have an advantage.
5. Mark the effect of fine, beautiful technology, high accuracy, improve product quality, increase product added value. Width can be as small as 10μm, depth of up to 10μm or less, and can "millimeter" parts of the surface size of the labeling.

6. Low supplies, non-polluting, energy-saving and environmental protection, in line with European environmental standards, in line with the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Low processing costs. One-time investment in equipment is more expensive, but continuous, large number of processing and finally to each part of the processing costs down.

7. The flexible processing methods. Through a transparent medium on the inside of the workpiece processing, easy to guide, focus, direction to achieve transformation, easily and with CNC systems.


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