American Directed Laser Weapon Is So Powerful

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Washington reported that the U.S. military officials and members of Congress announced that the U.S. have made great progress in the development of high powered laser weapons, microwave and other directional. These kind of high powered burning laser weapons may be use widely. Officials said the development of burning laser weapons are different in the Navy, air force and army. They need pay more attention to improve the technology to develop more powerful burning laser weapons.


"Directed laser weapons will bring a new era to the defense," the commander of the U.S. Air Force said at the meeting. The high powered burning laser weapon is refers to the weapon which use laser, microwave, electromagnetic radiation, waves, acoustic beam or particle beam to fight against enermies. Laser has been widely used to guide the bomb hit the target, but laser beam will be used as a weapon in the future.

The US military has been working for long time to develop these burning laser weapons, and a lot of technical obstacles have been overcome. Such weapons can reduce the cost of existing weapons, speed up the reaction to the enemy's attack speed and reduce the number of civilian deaths in the battlefield.

Burning Laser Defense Sytem

In September 2014, the United States Navy had deployed a 100mw Laser Pointer burning weapon on a boat, which enhance the defense capabilities of the ship effectively. The original plan of the laser weapon system is only 1 years, but because of its good performance at the Persian Gulf, the fleet leaders plan to use this laser weapon system to 2017 or more. Soon, the U.S. Navy made a plan of developing a high power laser weapons, such as 100kW laser gun,which will conduct maritime demonstration in the 2018 to to promote the utility of laser weapons.
Many countries around the world are scrambling to improve the performance of the 1000mw Laser Pointer weapon, our goal is to increase the output power to 10 beat wattsAccording to the "popular science" magazine reported that a 5 kW laser has been put on a drone and shot down a target successfully in a distance of one mile, the 5 kW laser is week than Japanese. It is reported that the laser can not only doubled the power, but also destroy many important target. This laser is mainly used in scientific research, and does not have any practical use, the details have been published in the British "plasma physics and controlled fusion" magazine.

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