Ensure the Safety of Excimer Laser Surgery

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Strictly Surgical Indications and Contraindications

To ensure safety and good quality surgical operation, the first to master surgical indications and contraindications, not blind pursuit of profit and relaxing indications. Experience has shown that the excimer laser surgery indications are: the patient himself must pick a mirror after desire and reasonable expectations. As patients aged more than 18 years, the past two years the refractive state is relatively stable (no significant change in degrees).
After examination of the parameters in line with surgical requirements, and no active inflammation organic disease, the body without surgery limited disease. If the patient is wearing contact lenses before, patients should stop wearing contact lenses for two weeks. These conditions are excimer green laser pointer surgery prerequisite. Contraindications: age does not comply with the provisions of surgery; eye examination parameters do not meet the surgical requirements; eye with active inflammation, such as acute conjunctivitis, blepharitis, dacryocystitis and iris go far; there are organic eye disease such as retinal detachment, cataract, glaucoma; limited impact of surgery and postoperative recovery of systemic diseases, such as physical scars, and diabetes; pregnant and lactating women; lack of understanding or surgery patients expect too much; suffering from depression such as patients with psychological abnormalities.
Preoperative Comprehensive Inspection System

Preoperative Patients should be complete, comprehensive and detailed examination. Routine eye examination with visual inspection, including uncorrected distance and near vision, vision correction after; intraocular pressure, axial length; dry eye screening; slit lamp examination, including conjunctiva, sclera, iris, anterior chamber, pupil, lens, etc; Powder after the pupil should also check the lens and the peripheral anterior vitreous; fundus examination; refractive laser 200mw power examination, including integrated refractometer refraction, subjective refraction, and the day of surgery after mydriasis optometry subjective refraction; the eye examination, including the eyes, eyelids, lacrimal sac and so on more than a dozen tests.
In addition to routine preoperative examination, the need to perform wavefront examination, collecting patient data iris and pupil night vision data. In operation designed to incorporate these factors, postoperative patients can maximize night vision, reduce postoperative glare and halos and other visual discomfort, to meet the needs of patients and night driving to work.
Clinical findings in some patients because the hospital before surgery to check incomplete result missed that postoperative complications. Such as fundus examination, must be fully dilated eye exam peripheral retina, because the high myopia with peripheral retinal degeneration or prone to dry holes. If no timely detection and surgery, patients are likely to occur in blinding retinal detachment and other serious diseases. If we can discover and prophylactic retinal 500mw green laser treatment can prevent the occurrence of retinal detachment, wait until the recovery is still excimer laser surgery.
Improve the Qualifications of Doctors and Medical Institutions

Doctors embodiment excimer laser surgery, must undergo a rigorous training and examination, issued by the Ministry of Health has made large-scale medical equipment induction certificate before being competent. Currently some hospitals blind pursuit of surgery, reducing access to doctors and surgical indications threshold, resulting in a number of adverse consequences. Excimer 2000mw green laser surgery after 20 years of development, its equipment and technology has entered an advanced stage of personalized therapy. Such as the pupil big, big higher order aberrations were treated with anterior iris recognition wavefront-guided positioning of individual operation. Advanced medical equipment is an important guarantee of security, but the industry has the second generation, third generation, fourth generation of machines, but also second-hand, three mobile phones, a lot of big hospitals discarded the old machine by some hospitals used again. The performance of these machines varies, but the purchase of low cost, surgery prices are low, they use less than the cost price to attract patients.
Excimer 100mw laser surgery in order to ensure quality, must be strictly controlled surgical indications and contraindications, preoperative comprehensive inspection system and choose experienced doctors and medical institutions have advanced personalized treatment technology. The most important one is the medical benevolence, to maximize the interests of the patient as the highest criterion doctors to practice medicine.


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