Photonic Computer Will Become a Common Tool

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Photonic Computer Will Become a Common Tool
"Brain light" or "optical computer", also known as "photonic computer" is light as a carrier of information by computer mass storage and high-speed processing. It consists of a laser, optical mirrors, lenses, filters and other optical components and devices constituting, the array of lenses and mirrors by a 30000mw laser pointer beam into the information processing. Unlike traditional computers, the "light brain" photons instead of electrons, optical interconnects instead of wire interconnection, optical hardware instead of electronic hardware, electrical light operations instead of operations. "Light Brain" with lasers to transmit signals by an optical fiber photonic integrated circuit and various optical elements, etc., data operations, transport and storage. In the "light brain" light represents a different wavelength, frequency, phase and polarization of different data, which is far superior to computer through electronic "0" binary operation "1" state changes can be of high complexity , computationally intensive tasks for fast parallel processing.
"Light brain" take full advantage of the characteristics of light, ultra-large-scale information storage capacity, powerful parallel processing capabilities, ultra-fast operation speed, high channel density and ultra-good fault tolerance and so on. It is ideal for the 10000mw laser source of optical radiation, without conducting wire photons, the optical path independently of each other but may intersect in space. Since the optical device allows high frequency light through, the range, the amount of information "light brain" transmission and processing great. "Light brain" non-wire, light in the optical transmission medium, there is no parasitic resistance, capacitance and inductance problem, nor a ground potential difference between the optical device, the information transmission distortion and distortion.Optical device switching speed is much faster than electronics, "light brain" of the operation speed, in theory, up to one hundred billion times per second, the speed of information processing millions of times faster than the computer. "Light Brain" also has the human brain similar to fault tolerance, system component damage or a mistake, it will not affect the final results. "Light Brain" is the energy-saving products, environmental conditions are much lower than the computer. In addition to the 2000mw green laser source requires a certain energy, light transmission and conversion of energy consumption is very low. "Light brain" of the computer-driven drive only a small fraction of the energy of similar specifications, not only reduces power consumption, greatly reducing the heat of the machine, and its miniaturization and portability create the conditions.
Subject to the inherent limitations of the physical characteristics, the development of VLSI has become extreme, and on a single chip can integrate electronic components is almost saturated, the development of computer will hit a bottleneck. In this context, the "light brain" technology came into being, although not yet mature, a lot of technical problems remain to be overcome, but with the breakthroughs in materials science and processing technology (especially micro-nano processing technology) Perfection " light brain "increasingly bright prospects for development. Modern optics and computer technology, microelectronics technology will make a happy combination of "light brain" eventually become the universal human tools.



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