Hong Kong University of Science and Successfully Developed a Silicon Substrate Microlaser

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Hong Kong University of Science and Successfully Developed a Silicon Substrate Microlaser

China Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, August 22 (Reporter Zhang Yashi) - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 22, said university research team has successfully developed a miniature on a silicon laser, so that a new generation of micro-computer processor to run faster, and greatly reduced power consumption .
This innovative study by the United States found that HKUST Prof. Liu Ji, as well as University of California, Santa Barbara, Sandia National Laboratories in cooperation with the Harvard University research team to complete, is a major breakthrough in the semiconductor industry.
According to reports, the silicon substrate is the cornerstone of modern solar cells and integrated circuits and other electronic products, but because the silicon lattice and 30000mw laser pointer material does not match, the two could not have been the perfect combination. Until Liuji US team success on the silicon "grow" subwavelength cavity laser was able to achieve fundamental breakthroughs.
All along, the photon is used for long distance transmission of high-throughput data in the most economical and most energy-efficient solution. With the emergence of this new laser silicon substrate, the photon is also expected to be applied to short-distance data communications, will greatly enhance the data transfer speed.

For the production of this corridor echo mode burning laser, LIU Ji US silicon surface nano imprinting pattern, heterogeneous nature of the silicon lattice defects will grow, locking in a regular grid pattern aspect which, re-use quantum dot lasers by stimulated emission of radiation in single quantum dots among this particular performance, to further reduce the sensitivity of the active region of the material growth defect. Subsequently, the team used a laser pump, enhance energy levels of electrons, lasers achieve lasing.

This microlaser diameter of only one micron, more traditional laser shorten the length of 1,000 times, the area is reduced by about 100 times.

LATIN United States said that this corridor echo mode 20000mw laser pen can be widely used in optical communications, data processing and other areas of chemical sensing chip. The laser directly onto the micro-processor, micro-processor to improve performance and reduce energy consumption is vital, not only conducive to promoting the development of silicon-based photovoltaic technology, but also the new generation of green IT and the ideal computing solution.



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