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Laser Gyro

Recently, for gravitational waves to carry out the study, "Tian Qin Plan", the first phase will be completed by large 30000mw laser pointer gyroscopes and other ground support facilities. Recently, the US Defense Logistics Agency authorized $ 38.9 million to Honeywell International Inc. for the US Navy's AN / WSN-7 (V) Maritime navigation system developed ring laser gyro system. Laser gyro, also known as ring laser in accelerometer can be perceived at any time with the spatial position of the object, "Pearl" known as the crown, the inertial navigation system on. At present, China has become the world's first four fields have the ability to independently develop laser gyro country, product applications covering land, sea days, etc. Laser gyro is small, but integrates optical, mechanical, electrical and many other areas of sophisticated technology, is a comprehensive reflection of the national scientific and technological strength and military power.
Early in the 18th century, humans began to study gyroscopic movement, the First World War, the US Navy has successfully developed the first mechanical gyroscopes. In 1960, the Americans successfully developed the world's first laser, quickly began to study laser gyro. In 1963, the United States Sperry made the first successful experimental apparatus laser gyro. To the late 1970s, laser gyro related technologies successfully tested on tactical aircraft and missiles, 20000mw laser pen gyro has been rapid development and application. By the 1980s, the Air Force implementation of the "Integrated Inertial Reference Unit" Development of the plan, the laser gyro in dual cartridge assembly sensor system, the US Navy has developed a "CA1NS1" system will be applied to the laser gyro aircraft carrier. In 1985 the United States proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), the laser technology has been larger research and application, in which the investment budget for 1985 fiscal year in the field of laser SDI up to $ 1.04 billion, mostly for laser experiments carried out, wherein including laser gyroscope.
Advances in laser gyro huge research stimulated to carry out other technological powers in the world of research in related fields, France, Russia, Germany, Japan and other countries have developed a high-precision laser gyro system. French SEXTANT company started in 1972, a laser gyroscope, laser gyro 1979 SEXTANT first successfully applied to the "Jaguar" helicopter, and later successfully applied to "ANS supersonic missile" project and "Ariane 4" rockets. French SAGEM company developed a laser gyro successfully used in aviation and submarines sins.
With the development of technology, the 10000mw blue laser gyro performance getting better and better, and more widely applied. Laser gyro technology in the future will be mainly to higher precision and reliability, smaller size and cheaper price developments.
US Honeywell GG1308 laser gyro, by using a molding process, a total volume of less than two cubic inches and weighs only 60 grams, it can achieve accuracy of 1 ° / h, the price is only $ 1000. Laser gyro is small, but integrates optical, mechanical, electrical and many other areas of sophisticated technology, taking into consideration the overall national strength of a country, is a comprehensive reflection of the national scientific and technological strength and military power.
Ride on the modern battlefield aircraft, missiles, tanks and a variety of surface ships, all need to accurately measure position, velocity, attitude and other information to the successful completion of the predetermined parameters of the navigation or combat missions. Placed in the "Body" as precise navigation "heart" is the inertial navigation system. Traditional inertial navigation equipment mainly mechanical gyroscope, its production process demanding, complex, bulky, accuracy is also severely limited. Laser gyro technology has greatly changed the situation, it has a light weight, small size, high accuracy, good reliability, wide dynamic range, short response time, resistance to shock and vibration, working life and storage for a long time, can be directly related connected to a computer to achieve automatic control and so on. Especially its high-precision values ​​per hour drift angular rate within the range of 0.0001 ~ 1 °. It is derived from the 2000mw green laser gyro performance, the US B-52 bombers to the old mechanical inertial navigation system updated to ring laser gyro inertial system, Britain's "Warrior" mechanized artillery observation vehicle navigation system as well as the Royal Navy's three new "smart "class attack submarines, the Japanese" AS90 "self-propelled howitzer and so the use of the laser gyro, which greatly improves navigation accuracy Weapon platform.
Corresponding to the different uses, types of laser gyro, there are many, it can be divided into general indication gyroscopes and gyro sensor. Gyroscope for indicating the traveling state as a pilot and driving the use of instruments, sensing gyroscope system for automatically controlling the movement of the object. To ensure the normal operation of the compass and the autopilot instrument, generally more than 10 planes to use a gyroscope. Hubble Space Telescope and International Space Station systems are also widely used laser 5000mw gyroscope to determine their own position. Further, according to the number of frames and forms of work, laser gyro can be divided into: three degrees of freedom gyroscopes, two degrees of freedom gyroscopes, rate gyro, integrating gyroscope, unconstrained gyroscope. These gyroscopes with the mechanical gyroscope, fiber optic gyroscope, a free gyroscope rotor, vibratory gyroscope together constitute the "gyro big family", so that each module, a variety of applications play a significant role.
First of all, it can be used to provide real-time laser gyro heading, speed, altitude, attitude and other spatial position information for all types of aircraft and precision-guided weapons, to improve the reliability of aircraft flight time, and precision-guided weapons hit accuracy has been greatly improved.
American laser gyro system successfully used in a new generation of anti-submarine aircraft remote "P-7A", greatly improved flight stability and detect the position of the aircraft modifications accuracy. Laser gyro also mobile launchers of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles reference position, so that they can achieve rapid directional positioning, accurately hit the target. Russia has been applied to the laser gyro Su -30MK, Su -32FN, Su-34 fighter jets and other types of ballistic missile guidance and control systems.
Secondly, the laser 3000mw gyro can also ships, submarines and torpedoes provide heading, speed and position reference data, they do not depend on any external information, real-time navigation can be performed independently. Canadian Navy will be configured with the "MK49" type ring laser gyro navigation new generation inertial navigation system (INS) installed in the "Halifax" class frigates, "Iroquois" class destroyer and the "Victoria" class submarines . The laser gyro with a global positioning system (GPS) navigation system as an accurate combination of core components, are also being widely used in nuclear submarines, aircraft, cruise missiles, intercontinental missiles and satellite-guided, this system has been battle-tested several times . Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) 1999 American B-2A bomber bombing of Yugoslavia to use, is to use this way of guidance "GBM-31" type of precision-guided bombs.

In addition, the laser gyro can also serve as tanks, infantry fighting vehicles stability control system, to achieve self-perception of body condition; can also serve as an important part of the spacecraft attitude and orbit control system can also be used to launch vehicle inertial guidance system . In other civilian areas, can provide real-time laser gyro angular coordinate information on a telescope, you can use large laser gyro seismic wave observation information, tidal effect and solid ground measuring gravitational waves and the like. Can be expected, with increasingly improved laser gyro technology, it will be even broader range of applications, bound to have a great impact on the future of war and daily life.




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