Low Cost Laser Radar

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Low Cost Laser Radar

Autopilot, unmanned to spread, we must first help car "to understand the world" - obtain high-resolution three-dimensional scene. High precision, strong anti-interference of burning laser radar is the most common way to achieve, no recent laser radar programs Tesla accident side also verify the reliability of the laser radar program. However, it has been frequently hundreds of thousands of prices, restricted the rapid popularization and application of laser radar.
Chinese company hopes to provide low-cost, high-performance laser radar solutions, has received tens of millions in the first round of financing, to seize commercial laser radar market, reduce costs is the primary task. In Velodyne Lidar, represented by the price of the reason why tens of thousands of dollars up to one big reason is the use of a non-integrated manner, the need to manually assemble the dozens of 20000mw laser pen transmitter and receiver correspond basically no mass production possible . Chinese companies will find ways to integrate lidar photovoltaic device, not only suitable for mass production, but also the cost to do a few tenths of Velodyne. This is the method commonly used Chinese manufacturers of competing products.
To autopilot, unmanned commercial real art vendors, products, and performance is still the key. On the team level, the Chinese intellectual disdain plotted stand 2015 start-up company, the core team has been engaged in laser radar technology research in the past decade, Chinese Academy of master key technologies and key components of the core technology of laser radar system. Previously it has launched a series applied to terrestrial, airborne and space of three-dimensional laser rangefinder and 30000mw laser pointer imaging radar, mainly used in the defense area. In 2012, the team developed a prototype 32 lidar for remote fast mapping, detection range can reach 5KM above, higher than the industry index.
At present, China has completed a single line drawn disdain for intellectual development of laser radar detection distance can reach 280 meters. This product is the radar sensor data processing algorithms and back-end integration, data processing can be moved forward, reducing the workload of back-end processing, significantly improve the processing efficiency. CEO Zhu Shaolan told the media that the team has a multi-line laser 5000mw radar development capabilities, mastered solid scanning technology products in this area has been developed which, but because there are no official products come out, do not want too much publicity.
For now, disdain for intellectual painted is likely to be the first car to complete the measurement of laser radar manufacturers. The use of single-line laser radar products, coupled with laser night vision camera, ADAS algorithm for making a driver assistance programs, and has already begun to test the car. Founder Zhu Shaolan told the media, the product under strong sunlight conditions forward, the detection range of up to 250m above the angle resolution of 0.18 degrees, the distance resolution of 6mm; the company is the product for further testing and design optimization, it is expected to 2016 completed beta testing and vehicle 2000mw green laser radar products before the end of the year, and the official release products. Future intellectual disdain painted wants to take the initiative to provide a complete set of photoelectric sensor-based intelligent 3D sensing and information processing system for the autopilot.
By autopilot, driven unmanned market prospects, China's high cost laser radar track has emerged as North Branch days painted radium God intelligence vendors have been completed round or several rounds of financing, the well-known manufacturers green laser pointer Velodyne
Lidar also cooperation with China a large foundries, hopes to launch $ 500 price of the product. The actual launch of the product available as soon as possible, and to open up cooperation with the depot, may become an important factor about competition.



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