Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Equipped With Laser Weapon

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Equipped With Laser Weapon
Some time ago, the United States in the deployment of Korea Sade anti missile system out of the limelight, the matter haven't completely disappeared, the United States began to plan deployment of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) laser anti missile technology. This does not, according to U.S. media recently reported that the U.S. Department of defense missile defense agency will continue to promote the development of unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with Laser pointer weapon intercept boost ballistic missile technology.
Sade system is the full name of the terminal high altitude area defense". China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Second Hospital 208 researcher Wu Qin explained: "according to the different stages of the whole flight of a ballistic missile, the anti missile operation points for the boost phase, midcourse and terminal anti missile. The full name that Sade system is a kind of terminal anti missile system."At present, the United States has the actual deployment of the midcourse and terminal anti missile system and ground based midcourse intercept missile (GBI) and standard - 3 series of missile is mainly responsible for midcourse missile, Sade system and the Patriot PAC-3 is mainly used for terminal anti missile, and for boost 3000mw laser pointer phase anti missile weapon system is now "with lots of ideas, many projects, often dismount state.In fact, the U. S. missile defense agency love in boost phase missile is a reason, it is because the boost phase missile has some / terminal anti missile does not possess the characteristics and unique advantages.
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In fact, the burning laser pointers weapon is only one of the booster segment, the United States had planned to develop a fighter aircraft to carry air launched missile interceptor missile technology. Zhang Yang told reporters: "the laser weapons for anti missile can boost phase intercept effect of the best hair. Because of the ballistic missile in terminal flight, to solve the re entered the atmosphere and the air friction at high temperature, the warhead usually are equipped with high-performance heat-resistant protective layer, the unexpectedly increases the green laser pointer weapons to fight against the difficulty, and in the boost phase does not exist such a problem. "However, before exploring the UAV equipped with laser weapons for boost phase anti missile technology, the missile defense agency has developed for boost phase and anti missile airborne laser weapon (ABL), the laser weapon use Boeing 747-400 as a platform, and has carried on the multiple anti missile test, but at the end of 2011 ABL sadly dismount.

According to the United States, "aviation weekly" reported that the weapons development plan has been carried out for 16 years, the U.S. military has spent $5 billion to this end. Termination of the project is the cost is too high, that time coincided with the U.S. defense budget cuts, some projects will inevitably suffer premature, "swallowing gold beast ABL bear the brunt become the object to dismount.Among all kinds of operational platform, the UAV is very suitable to be used as a dedicated booster segment in the platform. The combat environment faced by the booster section is relatively simple, the requirements of the platform is relatively low, it is very suitable for the UAV to bear.
It is reported that, if you can successfully deploy the output power of hundreds of kilowatts of laser weapons, anti missile UAV will take part in the booster task. At present, held in some time ago the United States missile defense secretary James Sunning directional can summit said. There is currently no man-machine 5000mw green laser boost segment of ABM development problem is to improve the power to weight ratio, to achieve better than 5 kg / kW of power density, will in the working height and range obtained feasible scheme.



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