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The Chinese military media recently reported that in order to meet the needs of a variety of combat, Chinese

soldiers have equipped 5000mw Laser Pointer gun. This laser pointer weapon can cause the enemy temporary blindness,

but will not cause permanent damage, it can also make UAV out of control.In recent years, China has been constantly

upgrading domestic laser blinding weapons. It is reported that these laser weapons can blind targets in a short

range, or disturb the enemy laser and night vision equipment.

China launched BBQ-905 burning laser dazzle weapons, WJG-2002 laser gun, PY132A laser blinding weapons , PY131A

laser cannon and four laser weapons recently. The powerful PY131A laser cannons can directly shoot down the small

UAV .Once charge can be fired million times

PY132A laser gun appear in Chinese police equipment exhibition first, mainly used to deal with terrorists or

criminals. According to the official website of the gun maker Sichuan longan Police Equipment Co., Ltd., PY132A

"lightning" series of police laser blinding gun adopts the world efficiently and to the highest volume minimum high

power all solid state laser, the whole weight of about 6.5 kg, a charge 24 hours standby, effectively firing times

of up to 1 million, enough to make a soldier in the middle of the day unlimited fire.


Combined with PY132A 100mw Laser Pointer gun can be automatically adjusted to combat the effect of intelligent

control system, capable of launching diameter of 20 to 30 centimeters high performance laser beam, with a range of

5-400 meters, target eyes, make the other side 10 seconds to 60 seconds short blindness, but will not cause any

permanent damage.

Another Chinese laser weapon is a kind of laser cannon (PY131A laser gun) which can transmit power nearly 1 million

kilowatts within 5 ,which means that it is enough to replace human sniper.In wartime, does not need to completely

destroy each other's fighting forces, as long as the destruction of tanks and armed helicopters and other monitoring

and targeting systems, has been able to fight against the enemy.

Foreign media said that during the Beijing APEC, the Red Laser Pointer cannons have been put into use, it has played

an important role in the security.
Chinese laser weapon is likely to be the first as a law enforcement tools, in order to test and improve the

performance of weapons, and then gradually to the development of large-scale military.
A soldier armed with a laser gun can perform a variety of tasks from destroying tank thermal imaging to shooting

down drones. From the destruction of the enemy monitoring systems to attack low altitude flight of helicopter

gunships and fighter sensor, and the eyes of blind a pilot.


It must be noted that the use of the definition is consistent with the "International Convention on the prohibition

of Blinding Laser Weapons Protocol" etc.. But western countries worry that when Liberation Army laser weapon

"blinding" enemy gunship sensor, emitting a beam is likely to lead to pilot "joint" is injured.


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