If there is a war between America and China,what will Russia do?

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Russian navy was once a offshore operations of large naval power, they have a lot of large surface combatants, more

famous includes the Green Laser Pointer class nuclear powered cruiser and type 1143 Kiev class heavy carrier

aircraft cruiser. The Soviet Union / Russia's vast land area, to achieve the different location and depth of the sea

in different sea areas and the depth of the warships and submarines to carry out a unified strategic campaign

command, the difficulty is great. But it is difficult to have the countermeasure, Soviet / Russian to the

modernization of operational command system, the variety of advanced means of command, except for a long wave

communication base stations in the earlier. They also developed military satellite communications technology and the

blue and green laser as well as the neutrino letter technology and other modern means of communication.



The test results will have an important impact on the future development of high energy laser weapons Therefore

they sacrifice the limited communication bandwidth. In recent years, the Russian army is in the "Rainbow 1" series

of satellites as the representative of a new generation of military satellite, a wide range of application of the

star on signal processing technology, adaptive antenna, spatial noise screening technology, spread spectrum

technology, and fast frequency hopping (FH) communication technology in a wider frequency band, the communication

organization more flexible, anti-interference ability to further strengthen.

"Star Wars" and other science fiction movies in the emergence of Laser Sight weapons, now is no longer out of reach.

"The India times" reported in March 28, 2016, India, followed by the United States, Russia and other countries in

the footsteps, but also in the development of laser weapons.


Laser weapons are the earliest and most widely studied, and have achieved considerable results. To the last century,

in 80s the world's military powers have put forward their own blue laser pointer weapon system plan, and some have

also been put into the test equipment. Such as the famous 1982 Malvinas Islands War, the British navy is in the

expulsion of the ship is equipped with a laser dazzlers, once forcing Argentine pilots bombing accuracy greatly

reduced. The Falklands war lasted short, can not let the laser weapons shine. The United States Navy also has

claimed that they monitored Soviet naval exercises occurred pilots were Soviet warships "suddenly shot light

blinding the case.
Joint test of the prototype of high energy burning laser weapon on German navy ship in Rhine, Germany, and German

defense forces.

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