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In recent years, Laser Pointer has attracted much attention. Laser mosquito eradication gun and laser mosquito can kill tiny multiple objectives (mosquitoes, flies, grasshoppers, cockroaches, etc.) from the complicated background , identification, dynamic tracking , locking and continued to fight until the target is destroyed.


From the discovery of target to lock track until the final blow, in addition to different power, the working principle of laser mosquito eradication gun, laser mosquito robot are same with laser anti missile system , the mosquito laser gun is really black technology. The laser mosquito control system on the slightly do some adjustment, laser power increase to the proper degree, you can destroy the UAV with a high powered laser .


Since recorded history of several thousand years, and a human and a mosquito war never won before, Africa each year has millions of people died of mosquito bites caused by malaria, dengue fever, Brazil has 400 million people infected with the Zika virus. With the popularity of future laser mosquito eradication gun and laser mosquito eradication robot, this history is about to be rewritten. Then by mosquito bites caused by malaria, dengue fever, Zhai card illnesses will be a great degree of control.

In fact, as early as 2008, foreign countries have tried. Microsoft's Bill Gates Foundation to solve African mosquitoes and cause of disease propagation problems, from 2008 began funding a R & D project team mosquito laser cannons. In February 2010, California Long Beach, the annual TED conference conducted a live demonstration of this device. 2015 "Time" will be named in 2014 to change the course of human history, one of the fifty major inventions. But 2 years later, there is no longer a follow-up message appears.
The technical difficulties of laser mosquito gun is a core in the mosquito and cause no furniture or clothing or fire damage, and cause harm to human body or not other pets, it is necessary to strictly control the output power of the laser, which has a suitable strength, can not let the laser power is too large(abou 100mw laser ), but to continue to shine through mosquitoes and other pests, cumulative damage to mosquitoes and other pests to kill mosquitoes, it would need to reach even the mosquito in the course of the flight, the laser beam will be sustained in the mosquito, mosquito diameter of not more than 1mm, the length of not more than 4mm, so small, even still, the laser beam to a distance of tens of meters in a few meters to hit is very difficult, even less in mosquitoes during the movement of laser need to continuously playing in the mosquito, Is a super difficult things, which requires very precise intelligent target detection, identification, tracking, lock, shock, etc, in addition to the complexity of the algorithm and need to precision optical system design and equipped with a complex of high speed signal processing circuit and sperm density of mechanical structure, and high real-time performance, in fact, compared to this difficulty to some technical problems, harder to implement than national missile defense system, so that this is the true black technology products.


A laser will cause certain harm to human eyes questioned, Hu Xiaobo said this is not considered purely from the laser power, like Green Laser processing system, low power, large power tens of watts, thousands of watts, also the safe use of large-scale, and even a laser projection TV civilian, laser power is tens of hundreds of Watts also, to thousands of households, it is important to do security measures, Leishen laser mosquito gun will use advanced face recognition technology, when the laser beam strikes the mosquito in the track, if people suddenly broke into the background, can quickly and accurately identify the face, and then immediately stop transmitting laser beam, the laser will ensure that exposure to human or pet eyes. Figure for Leishen laser mosquito eradication gun, figure 2 laser cannon tracking simulation of mosquitoes, locking a target from a laser to short, the system response speed and real-time require very high, which is a major technical difficulties, because mosquitoes flying speed is very quick to real-time tracking and attacking in this time standard, which the algorithm is relatively high.


For cost issues and more technical details, Hu Xiaobo said it is not convenient to disclose, the product will be officially launched early next year. However, he said, early or go commercial market, used in some hospitals, community or a factory, or is some of the high-end residential district, until the back down the cost, about two or three years will gradually into the ordinary family to. Which seems like a laser pointer keychain . In figures 3 and 4 are Leishen laser mosquito eradication gun and laser mosquito eradication robot products prototype spy photos, from the appearance can see they look cool, isn't it already can not wait to go back and buy one?


Hu Xiaobo said laser radar in robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, there are a lot of applications, and talked about why you want to use a laser to fight mosquitoes with a Laser Sight . Hu Xiaobo said ten years before starting a business is the idea, just when the laser is too expensive, hundreds of thousands of a laser, laser radar is more expensive, the this thing doesn't make any sense, also technology need very high accumulation, now intelligent Leishen through special technology scheme and unique cost control means, has been able to achieve laser mosquito eradication gun and laser mosquito eradication robot civilian.


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