Difference from red and green laser pointers

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Difference from red and green laser pointers
The High power green laser pointers are made using a laser diode at either 635 nm or 650 nm and have an output power of 1 mW ~ 40 mW. They are available with a choice of two designs, either as just a laser pointer or as a multifunction instrument combining three functions: ball pen, laser pointer and ferule. Red laser pointers are also very low cost. They are pen size and yet powerful enough for business presentations in a large auditorium.
Difference from red and green laser pointers:
Red laser pointer is projecting light directly from laser diode. However, Laser Pointer Green emits light through a nonlinear crystal (KTP crystal) to make wavelength conversion from infrared semi conductor projected 1064nm infrared light to 532nm green light. Green laser pointer cannot emit light directly from laser diode. Because of high price of KTP crystal, the finished products of DPSS lasers are much lower than usual diode made laser pointers. As a result, the cost spent on green laser pointer is greatly higher than red laser with same output power.

The most common problem associated with laser pointers and the eye is a condition called flash blindness. Flash blindness occurs when the eye becomes dazzled after being exposed to a bright light. Most people have experienced flash blindness after having their picture taken by a camera with a flash. This condition is temporary and most people regain their vision after a minute or so.

Powerful Laser Pointer

A 532 nm Red Laser Pen Pointer wavelength is obviously superior to a laughable 650 nm red laser wavelength. And unlike a red laser, the green beam itself can be seen in mid-air in dark conditions, not just the laser beam dot. This allows the green laser pointer to be used for pointing to star constellations (skypointing) and also just generally look cool as hell. The green laser beam dot can be seen at much greater distances than with a red laser pointer.
Laser pointers sold in the United States are subject to a power limit imposed by the Food and Drug Administration – one that won’t cause instant eye damage, although harm is still possible with prolonged exposure.

Laser Pointer 10mW that exceed the FDA restriction can be found online.
532nm green laser pointer owns the most sensitive color and the medium wavelength, thus the beam can be visible in a long distance far away. For example, the beam of the high power green laser pointer can even visible in several hundred miles far away. As a result, 532nm green laser crystal has got wide application both for enjoy and practical use in our daily life.




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